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What is Dirty Dick’s?


Dirty Dick’s is Australia’s most popular themed event and theatre restaurant, having presented its distinctive nights of Medieval Old English fun and feasting to more than five million people, over 50 years, across three generations, Australia wide.

Dirty Dick’s is a unique entertainment and dining concept set in a totally themed environment with a highly comical stage show, magnificent feasting, costumed serving staff, providing non-stop interactive fun in true olden day tradition.

Sing-a-Long, Clap-a-Long and Laugh-a-Long as you experience the hilarious antics, madcap merrymaking and funtastic festivities of this unforgettable night.


Dirty Dick’s – Suitable for anyone – Ideal for all


Exciting Entertainment – brilliant stage shows

        2024 NATIONAL TOUR Dates AND Sydney dates coming soon

Our costumed entertainers, actors and musicians present a fully scripted stage show full of witty songs, side-splitting comedy, madcap games and audience involvement. This is “Reality Theatre” at its best – “Game of Thrones” with a twist…..or two!

Our shows change regularly and are centred around notable (even infamous!) historical characters – King Arthur (Camelot Castle and Knights of the Round Table as you’ve never seen before!), Robin Hood (He robbed from the rich and gave to the poor!!), King Henry V111 (He had six wives!), Dick Turpin (Indeed, a strong Dick – he held up stagecoaches with his pistol!), Lord Nelson (One eye, one arm and one burning ambition – to defeat Napoleon!), The Court Jester (See him juggle his balls!) and Queen Elizabeth 1 (they say she was a Virgin Queen!) PLUS many more – Our nights are full of Crazy Kings, Courtly Queens, Jolly Jesters, Dashing Knights, Lusty Wenches and Merry Minstrels!


The Lords and Ladies, Masters and Mistresses (our cherished audience of fun-lovers) are seated at long banqueting tables, and are provided with a bib, bearing a false name, the identity of which is assumed throughout the evening. It’s all part of the fun here at Dirty Dick’s where you can re-live the grand old days of Merry England – escapism at its best!!

So, cast off your worries, forget your day to day woes for a while AND come and enjoy yourself with a wonderful night of mirth and merriment at Dirty Dick’s.


Dirty Dick’s at your venue?

Dirty Dick’s is Australia’s most popular and longest running live entertainment.

Our fully produced show and entertainment package is ideal for presentation in licensed clubs, hotels, restaurants, reception centres, wineries and resorts



A Dirty Dick’s night at YOUR venue gives your members, guests and patrons a fully themed “special event” night which is simple to cater for, cost effective, popular and hassle free.


 2024 Touring schedule

June 28 The Epping Club 02/ 9876 4357 naida_illes@eppingclub.com
June 29 Toukley Golf Club 02/ 4396 5811 admin@toukleygolfclub.com.au
July  20 Breakers Country Club, Wamberal 02/ 4384 2661 breakers.info@mountiesgroup.com.au
July  24 Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Resort 03/ 5744 1911 functions@yarragolf.com.au
July  25 Deniliquin Golf Club 03/ 5881 1325 denigolf@bigpond.net.au
July  26 Hay Services Club 02/ 6993 1206 admin@hayservicesclub.com.au
July  27 Coomealla Club 03/ 5027 4505 admin@coomeallaclub.com.au
July  28 Demo Club – Broken Hill 08/ 8088 0200 marketing@democlub.com.au
July  30 Cobar Memorial Services Club 02/ 6836 2102 cobarrsl@bigpond.com
July  31 Nyngan R.S.L. 02/ 6832 1102 admin@nynganrsl.com.au
Aug  01 Narromine United Services Club 02/ 6889 4288 admin@usmc.com.au
Aug  02 Condobolin R.S.L. 02/ 6895 2113 manager@condobolinrsl.com.au
Aug  03 Parkes Leagues Club 02/ 6863 8895 admin@parkesleagues.com.au
Aug 08 Hawks Nest Golf Club 02/ 4997 0145 events@hawksnestgolfclub.com.au
Aug 09 Coffs Harbour Golf Club 02/ 6652 3244 marketing@coffsharbourgolfclub.com.au
Aug  10 Argenton – Club Macquarie 02/ 4911 9500 https://www.trybooking.com/CRFCX
Aug  16 Goulburn Workers Club 02/ 4821 3355 anthony@goulburnworkers.com.au
Aug  17 Kilmore Trackside 03/ 5783 0777 bookings@kilmore.countryracing.com.au
Aug  18 The Clubhouse – Wonthaggi (LUNCH SHOW) 03/ 5672 1437 info@wonclub.com.au
Aug  20 Maffra – Duart Homestead 03/ 5147 1985 enquiry@duarthomesteadandcatering.com
Aug  21 Maffra – Duart Homestead 03/ 5147 1985 enquiry@duarthomesteadandcatering.com
Aug  23 Moe Racing Club 03/ 5120 1333 l.bassman@moeracing.com.au
Aug  24 Colac R.S.L. 03/ 5231 2942 enquiries@colacrsl.com.au
Aug  27 Portland Memorial Bowling Club 03/ 5523 2557 info@portlandrslbowls.com.au
Aug 28 Warrnambool – Rafferty’s Tavern 03/ 5561 1888 functions@raffertystavern.com.au
Aug 29 Maryborough Highland Society (Vic) 03/ 5461 1480 reception@highlandsociety.com.au
Aug 30 Horsham R.S.L. 03/ 5382 5222 reception@horshamrsl.com.au
Aug 31 Shepparton Golf Club 0480 586 701 events@sheppartongolf.net.au
Sept 01 Yanco All Servicemen’s Club 02/ 6955 7106 admin@yancoclub.com.au
Sept 06 Wingham Services Club 02/ 6553 4577 admin@winghamservicesclub.com.au
Sept 07 Club Evans R.S.L. 02/ 6682 4282 media@clubevans.com.au
Sept 14 Halekulani Bowling Club, Budgewoi 02/ 4390 6400 kain.barnett@mountiesgroup.com.au
Sept 20 Murrurundi Bowling Club 02/ 6546 6252 murrurundibowlsclub@bigpond.com
Sept 21 Narrabri – Crossing Theatre 02/ 6799 6740 eventcoordinator@narrabri.nsw.gov.au
Oct   11 Narooma Golf Club 02/ 4476 0505 functions@naroomagolf.com.au
Oct 12 Robertson Bowling Club 02/ 4885 1306 rbclub@bigpond.com
Oct  18 Casino R.S.M. 02/ 6662 1666 admin@casinorsm.com.au
Oct  19 South Tamworth Bowling Club 02/ 6765 5766 club@southbowlotamworth.com.au
Oct  25 Temora Ex-Services Club 02/ 6977 4177 admin@temoraexservices.com.au
Oct  26 Private Rotary Function
Nov 02 Ettalong Bowling Club 02/ 4341 0087 reception@ettalongbowlingclub.net
Nov 08 The Builders – Wollongong 02/ 4229 6466 info@thebuilders.com.au
Nov 09 Luddenham – Workers Hubertus Country Club 02/ 9830 0600 bwc@bwcl.com.au
Nov 15 Diggers @ The Entrance 02/ 4332 3399 functions@diggersattheentrance.com.au
Nov 16 Richmond Club 02/ 4578 1144 mdennington@richmondclub.com.au
Nov 22 Club Singleton 02/ 6572 1455 reception@clubsingleton.com.au
Nov 23 South Newcastle Leagues Club 02/ 4902 7600 ashleigh@southleagues.com.au
Nov 29 Dubbo R.S.L. 02/ 6882 4411 promotions2@dubborsl.com.au
Nov 30 Panthers Bathurst 02/ 6330 0600 montanah.morgan@panthers.com.au
Dec 06 Harmonie German Club, Narrabundah ACT 02/ 6295 9853 events@harmonieclub.com.au
Dec 07 Corryong Memorial Hall 0499 281929 jai.peter.edwards@gmail.com
Dec 13 Club Gloucester 02/ 6558 1006 anthony@gloucestersoldiers.com.au
Dec 14 South Services Club – Grafton 02/ 6642 1422 admin@sgex.com.au
Dec 21 Pittwater R.S.L. 02/ 9997 3833 https://www.trybooking.com/CQEIZ



DATE June 28
VENUE The Epping Club
PHONE 02 9876 4357
EMAIL naida_illes@eppingclub.com
DATE June 29
VENUE Toukley Golf Club
PHONE 02 4396 5811
EMAIL admin@toukleygolfclub.com.au
DATE July 20
VENUE Breakers Country Club, Wamberal
PHONE 02 4384 2661
EMAIL breakers.info@mountiesgroup.com.au
DATE July 24
VENUE Yarrawonga Mulwala Golf Resort
PHONE 03 5744 1911
EMAIL functions@yarragolf.com.au
DATE July 25
VENUE Deniliquin Golf Club
PHONE 03 5881 1325
EMAIL denigolf@bigpond.net.au
DATE July 26
VENUE Hay Services Club
PHONE 02 6993 1206
EMAIL admin@hayservicesclub.com.au
DATE July 27
VENUE Coomealla Club
PHONE  03 5027 4505
EMAIL admin@coomeallaclub.com.au
DATE July 28
VENUE Demo Club, Broken Hill
PHONE 08 8088 0200
EMAIL marketing@democlub.com.au
DATE July 30
VENUE Cobar Memorial Services Club
PHONE 02 6836 2102
EMAIL cobarrsl@bigpond.com
DATE July 31
VENUE Nyngan R.S.L.
PHONE 02 6832 1102
EMAIL admin@nynganrsl.com.au
DATE August 01
VENUE Narromine United Services Club
PHONE 02 6889 4288
EMAIL admin@usmc.com.au
DATE August 02
VENUE Condobolin R.S.L. Club
PHONE 02 6895 2113
EMAIL manager@condobolinrsl.com.au
DATE August 03
VENUE Parkes Leagues Club
PHONE 02 6863 8895
EMAIL admin@parkesleagues.com.au
DATE August 08
VENUE Hawks Nest Golf Club
PHONE 02 4997 0145
EMAIL events@hawksnestgolfclub.com.au
DATE August 09
VENUE Coffs Harbour Golf Club
PHONE 02 6652 3244
EMAIL marketing@coffsharbourgolfclub.com.au
DATE August 10
VENUE Club Macquarie – Argenton
PHONE 02 4911 9500
EMAIL https://www.trybooking.com/CRFCX
DATE August 16
VENUE Goulburn Workers Club
PHONE 02 4821 3355
EMAIL anthony@goulburnworkers.com.au
DATE August 17
VENUE Kilmore Trackside
PHONE 03 5783 0777
EMAIL bookings@kilmore.countryracing.com.au
DATE August 18
VENUE The Clubhouse – Wonthaggi (LUNCH SHOW)
PHONE 03 5672 1437
EMAIL info@wonclub.com.au
DATE August 20
VENUE Maffra – Duart Homestead
PHONE 03 5147 1985
EMAIL enquiry@duarthomesteadandcatering.com
DATE August 21
VENUE Maffra – Duart Homestead
PHONE 03 5147 1985
EMAIL enquiry@duarthomesteadandcatering.com
DATE August 23
VENUE Moe Racing Club
PHONE 03 5120 1333
EMAIL l.bassman@moeracing.com.au
DATE August 24
VENUE Colac R.S.L.
PHONE 03 5231 2942
EMAIL enquiries@colacrsl.com.au
DATE August 27
VENUE Portland Memorial Bowling Club
PHONE 03 5523 2557
EMAIL info@portlandrslbowls.com.au
DATE August 28
VENUE Warrnambool – Rafferty’s Tavern
PHONE 03 5561 1888
EMAIL functions@raffertystavern.com.au
DATE August 29
VENUE Maryborough Highland Society
PHONE 03 5461 1480
EMAIL reception@highlandsociety.com.au
DATE August 30
VENUE Horsham R.S.L.
PHONE 03 5382 5222
EMAIL reception@horshamrsl.com.au
DATE August 31
VENUE Shepparton Golf Club
PHONE 0480 586 701
EMAIL events@sheppartongolf.net.au
DATE September 01
VENUE Yanco All Servicemen’s Club
PHONE 02 6955 7106
EMAIL admin@yancoclub.com.au
DATE September 06
VENUE Wingham Services Club
PHONE 02 6553 4577
EMAIL admin@winghamservicesclub.com.au
DATE September 07
VENUE Club Evans R.S.L.
PHONE 02 6682 4282
EMAIL media@clubevans.com.au
DATE September 14
VENUE Halekulani Bowling Club
PHONE 02 4390 6400
EMAIL kain.barnett@mountiesgroup.com.au
DATE September 20
VENUE Murrurundi Bowling Club
PHONE 02 6546 6252
EMAIL murrurundibowlsclub@bigpond.com
DATE September 21
VENUE Narrabri – Crossing Theatre
PHONE 02 6799 6740
EMAIL eventcoordinator@narrabri.nsw.gov.au
DATE October 11
VENUE Narooma Golf Club
PHONE 02 4476 0505
EMAIL functions@naroomagolf.com.au
DATE October 12
VENUE Robertson Bowling Club
PHONE 02 4885 1306
EMAIL rbclub@bigpond.com
DATE October 18
VENUE Casino R.S.M.
PHONE 02 6662 1666
EMAIL admin@casinorsm.com.au
DATE October 19
VENUE South Tamworth Bowling Club
PHONE 02 6765 5766
EMAIL club@southbowlotamworth.com.au
DATE October 25
VENUE Temora Ex-Services Club
PHONE 02 6977 4177
EMAIL admin@temoraexservices.com.au
DATE October 26
VENUE Rotary
PHONE Private Function
DATE November 02
VENUE Ettalong Bowling Club
PHONE 02 4341 0087
EMAIL reception@ettalongbowlingclub.net
DATE November 08
VENUE The Builders – Wollongong
PHONE 02 4229 6466
EMAIL info@thebuilders.com.au
DATE November 09
VENUE Luddenham – Workers Hubertus Country Club
PHONE 02 9830 0600
EMAIL bwc@bwcl.com.au
DATE November 15
VENUE Diggers @ The Entrance
PHONE 02 4332 3399
EMAIL functions@diggersattheentrance.com.au
DATE November 16
VENUE Richmond Club
PHONE 02 4578 1144
EMAIL mdennington@richmondclub.com.au
DATE November 22
VENUE Club Singleton
PHONE 02 6572 1455
EMAIL reception@clubsingleton.com.au
DATE November 23
VENUE South Newcastle Leagues Club
PHONE 02 4902 7600
EMAIL ashleigh@southleagues.com.au
DATE November 29
VENUE Dubbo R.S.L.
PHONE 02 6882 4411
EMAIL promotions2@dubborsl.com.au
DATE November 30
VENUE Panthers Bathurst
PHONE 02 6330 0600
EMAIL montanah.morgan@panthers.com.au
DATE December 06
VENUE ACT – Harmonie German Club, Narrabundah
PHONE 02 6295 9853
EMAIL events@harmonieclub.com.au
DATE December 07
VENUE Corryong Memorial Hall
PHONE 0499 281 929
EMAIL jai.peter.edwards@gmail.com 
DATE December 13
VENUE Club Gloucester
PHONE 02 6558 1006
EMAIL anthony@gloucestersoldiers.com.au
DATE December 14
VENUE South Services Club – Grafton
PHONE 02 6642 1422
EMAIL admin@sgex.com.au
DATE December 21
VENUE Pittwater R.S.L.
PHONE 02 9997 3833
TIX https://www.trybooking.com/CQEIZ


About Us

Dirty Dick’s has been established for over 50 years, originating in Wembley, Perth in 1970. Additional fixed locations soon appeared in Melbourne (Queens Rd, South Melbourne), Adelaide (Pirie Street), Brisbane (Petrie Terrace), New Zealand (Auckland) and Sydney (formerly Crows Nest for 21 years and then Auburn for 11 years).

A widespread national demand soon grew for our shows and Dirty Dick’s Touring Company was born! Seasons in Newcastle, Wollongong, Canberra, Darwin, Cairns and Townsville were followed up with seasonal roadshow tours to regional areas in all states and territory throughout the land.

To date, Dirty Dick’s shows have been hosted by more than 900 venues.


Why Dirty Dick’s?

The history of our name!

The original Dirty Dick’s cellars are in London in Bishopsgate and were established, by chance, in 1745 by Nathaniel Bentley.

Bentley’s father, through his life, amassed a considerable fortune as a Wine and Spirit merchant and left the whole of his property on his death to his son Nathaniel who was once something of a dandy, appearing in public in the most fashionable attire with his hair arranged by a court perruquier.

Nathaniel Bentley's Story - read more

Nathaniel’s dandy dress and habits made his subsequent decline all the more conspicuous. In a short space of time, from being the “around town” dandy, he became known to everyone in the Bishopsgate area as “Dirty Dick”. The cause of Nathaniel’s downfall was of a romantic character – a love affair! Above the cellars was a dining room decorated in Elizabethan manner, and to celebrate his forthcoming marriage, Bentley invited his intended bride, together with a number of friends, to an Elizabethan Banquet complete with entertainment.

Half an hour before the banquet, however, Bentley received news of the young lady’s sudden death which so upset him that he ordered the room to be closed up and resolved that it would never again be opened during his lifetime. The feast provided was left to be eaten by the rats, mice and spiders or go to decay. Thereafter, for the remaining 50 years of his life, Nathaniel Bentley changed from the elegant dandy to a character whose filthy habits became a legend. In 1809, after Bentley’s death, the building was found to be in a ruinous condition.

The cooking and other utensils were old, dirty and dilapidated and cobwebs, dirt and dust had accumulated in every corner. The old wine and spirit cellars are still in existence, but the venerable cobwebs with which the place was festooned were, of necessity, somewhat rudely displaced during the rebuilding of part of the premises in 1810 by order of the City of London authorities. Part of the original building still remains with many of the well known relics still preserved. We hope that the presentation of our Dirty Dick’s nights will continue to perpetuate the memory of Nathaniel Bentley. 

They said it!

Here are some of our “Host Venue” comments and testimonials……

Peel Manor House – Karnup WA 6176

“Thanks for such fantastic entertainment, we have had so much positive feedback.
We would love to host another Dirty Dicks!”

Kaylene Wood

Peden’s Hotel – Cessnock, NSW, 2325

“Just wanted to report back a fantastic night, our patrons absolutely loved the show. Congratulations to you on such a professional set up”

Jeff Callaghan

Exchange Hotel Kilcoy

“Thank you for putting your show on in our venue. Everybody had a fantastic time and the feedback is great. Please contact us next time the show is in this part of the world.
We would love to have you back”

Tanya Arnold

Venue Manager
Lakes Entrance Bowls Club – Lakes Entrance, VIC, 3909

“Thank you for a great night. Everyone that attended the show really enjoyed themselves and my staff really got involved and enjoyed the night too. Thanks again”

Shane Berry

General Manager
Mansfield Golf Club Inc

“It would be my pleasure to have you guys back anytime. It was a fantastic night, the crew were amazing and all the guests enjoyed themselves. The feedback has been sensational.
Thank you again for allowing us the privilege of hosting a Dirty Dicks night”.

Shannon Anketell

Rangeview Restaurant
South Newcastle Rugby League Club

“It was an absolute pleasure having you all here, it was such a wonderful night.
Have a very Merry Christmas and I will talk to you in the New Year!”

Catherine Burgess

Functions and Events Supervisor
Criterion Hotel – Sale VIC 3850

“Really was a fantastic evening and we have received great feedback from the evening”

Fergus Horan

Goulburn Workers Club – Goulburn NSW 2580

“Thank you again for such a wonderful show everyone had a great time!

Keisha Northey

Functions Manager
Camden Civic Centre – Camden NSW, 2560

“You’ve been fabulous to deal with and thanks very much for the feedback.
All the best with the remaining shows for this year”

Ashley Hoffman

Events and Marketing Coordinator
Mount Gambier Golf Club Inc – Mount Gambier, SA

“I wanted to say thank you again for a great night! We will look forward to having you again in the future. Have a great trip and lots of awesome shows”

Charmaine Rees

Murray Downs Golf & Country Club

“Thanks to you and your team for the fantastic night! It was lots of fun and we are still so thrilled with the amount of guests we had keen to see your show. All the best for your show and I am sure I will see your team again in the future sometime”

Lauren Schmidt

Marketing and Promotions Manager

See what we’ve been up to…

Dirty Dick’s is an Award Winner of “Entertainment Restaurant of the Year”


Dirty Dick’s is the only Theatre Restaurant ever to win a “Gold Plate” Award for food excellence

So… If you’re a “First Timer”…Come to Dirty Dick’s and have a ball AND if you’ve “Been Before” you certainly haven’t seen it all!!

This is the original Dirty Dick’s (established 1970) operated by Dirty Dick’s Theatre Restaurants Pty Ltd
(ABN 86 076 100 877)
Details are accurate at time of publication but are subject to change without notice.

Interested in hosting a Dirty Dick’s event at your venue?

Contact us NOW for discussion or quote for this unique dinner/show experience at your venue.