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Dirty Dick’s CD

$25 plus postage & handling*
“A Hard (K)night at Dirty Dick’s”
14 famous and original bawdy Dirty Dick’s songs to warm your cockles and tickle her fancy!

Dirty Dick’s Cap

$ 25 plus postage & handling*
Fashionable baseball cap for all occasions

* postage & handling $12 to anywhere in Australia (up to 3kg).

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Employment Opportunities
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Dirty Dick’s is always looking for talent for its stage shows in Sydney and for country touring show seasons: 

  • Actors/singers (male and female)
  • Acoustic guitarists/singers (male) to play as “minstrels”


  • Touring show co-ordinators and event managers.
  • Production and administrative staff

All applicants need to have good, bright personalities and enjoy performing in a fun environment.

We produce and fully rehearse all our stage shows.

       Contact Simon on:     (02) 9958 2910

OR: E-mail a resume or biography to:  info@dirtydicks.com.au

Dirty Dick’s has been established for 45 years.

Throughout this period, we have operated out of fixed locations in Melbourne (Queens Rd, South Melbourne), Adelaide (Pirie Street), Brisbane (Petrie Terrace), Perth (Wembley), New Zealand (Auckland) and Sydney (formerly Crows Nest for 21 years and then Auburn for 11 years).

The demand for our shows in regional areas grew, and in 1985, Dirty Dick’s presented a sell-out Christmas season in Canberra.

Other seasons followed during the 1980s and 90s in Newcastle, Cairns, Townsville, as well as Canberra and Wollongong.

1992 saw the first of Dirty Dick’s touring road shows which travelled to regional NSW. Subsequent tours to regional Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania followed throughout the 1990s and soon Dirty Dick’s had regular touring seasons scheduled each year to different parts of the country.

Currently, Dirty Dick’s is permanently based in Sydney and also presents its nights regularly in Newcastle, Central Coast and Canberra. Our Touring Shows travel to regional Australia on a seasonal basis.  (see locations)

Why Dirty Dick’s? - The history of our name!

The original Dirty Dick’s cellars are in London in Bishopsgate and were established, by chance, in 1745 by Nathaniel Bentley.

Bentley’s father, through his life, amassed a considerable fortune as a Wine and Spirit merchant and left the whole of his property on his death to his son Nathaniel who was once something of a dandy, appearing in public in the most fashionable attire with his hair arranged by a court perruquier.

Nathaniel’s dandy dress and habits made his subsequent decline all the more conspicuous. In a short space of time, from being the “around town” dandy, he became known to everyone in the Bishopsgate area as “Dirty Dick”.

The cause of Nathaniel’s downfall was of a romantic character – a love affair! Above the cellars was a dining room decorated in Elizabethan manner, and to celebrate his forthcoming marriage, Bentley invited his intended bride, together with a number of friends, to an Elizabethen Banquet complete with entertainment. Half an hour before the banquet, however, Bentley received news of the young lady’s sudden death which so upset him that he ordered the room to be closed up and resolved that it would never again be opened during his lifetime. The feast provided was left to be eaten by the rats, mice and spiders or go to decay.

Thereafter, for the remaining 50 years of his life, Nathaniel Bentley changed from the elegant dandy to a character whose filthy habits became a legend.

In 1809, after Bentley’s death, the building was found to be in a ruinous condition. The cooking and other utensils were old, dirty and dilapidated and cobwebs, dirt and dust had accumulated in every corner.

The old wine and spirit cellars are still in existence, but the venerable cobwebs with which the place was festooned were, of necessity, somewhat rudely displaced during the rebuilding of part of the premises in 1810 by order of the City of London authorities. Part of the original building still remains with many of the well known relics still preserved.

We hope that the presentation of our Dirty Dick’s nights will continue to perpetuate the memory of Nathaniel Bentley.


Phone: (02) 9958 2910     
Fax: (02) 9967 4930

E-mail: info@dirtydicks.com.au

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